Park Engineering offers a complete range of planning, engineering, and surveying services to its clients.  The firm’s capability to provide these services is a result of the many years of project experience shared by its professional and technical staff.  The underlying philosophy to Park Engineering’s approach in serving its clients goes beyond exercising sound engineering judgment, providing attention to details, and developing cost-effective engineering solutions.  In serving its clients, Park Engineering also recognizes and is sensitive to the social, environmental, financial and political factors that can influence planning, design, and implementation decisions.  This comprehensive approach enables Park Engineering to better in assist its clients in achieving their objectives.

The collective knowledge and experience of our professional and technical staff have qualified Park Engineering to provide the services listed below:



Park Engineering’s planning capabilities involve primarily physical planning.  As such we are capable of preparing base maps; preparing population projections; analyzing the physical characteristics of a site, including topography, land use, and available utilities; determining infrastructure requirements; and preparing site layouts and infrastructure alignments.


Park Engineering provides complete engineering design services for land development and infrastructure facilities.  These services are provided by in-house staff and selected sub-consultants and include conducting engineering studies, preparing engineering design reports, construction plans and specifications, and preparing construction cost estimates.


Park Engineering provides complete surveying and cadastral services.  These include aerial mapping control surveys, certified boundary surveys, topographic surveys, engineering design surveys, geodetic control surveys, route surveys, hydrographic surveys, shoreline certifications, construction stakeouts, subdivision platting, right-of-way acquisition, and subsidence monitoring.

Surveying Services:

  • Construction Staking
  • Topographic Surveys/Mapping
  • Boundary Surveys/Mapping
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Shoreline Certification Surveys
  • Elevation Certificate Surveys
  • GPS Surveys—Network Adjustment
  • Aerial Mapping Controls
  • Precise Leveling
  • County Subdivision Mapping /Processing
  • Land Court Mapping
  • File Plan Mapping
  • Condominium Property Regime (C.P.R.) Mapping


Park Engineering is capable of preparing bid documents for construction contracts, conducting pre-bid conferences, preparing bid amendments as required, conducting bid opening, evaluating opened bids, and validating the low bid.


Park Engineering offers complete project management services for the planning, design and construction phases of the project.  Our services include coordinating and attending project meetings between the design consultant and the client, preparing and distributing minutes of the meetings, reviewing the design consultants’ fee proposals, preparing and updating the planning and construction schedule, coordinating the preparation of the plans and specifications for the project, monitoring the design consultants’ work with respect to meeting the client’s objectives and schedules for the project, coordinating the distribution of construction documents to the governmental agencies for approvals, assisting with the bid advertising and providing assistance and consulting on matters related to the construction of the project.


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